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Improve retail loss prevention with security hang tabs

tháng 6 03, 2023
SPK Packaging has a great selection of hang tabs for displaying products of all types in retail settings. For 5 years, we have worked diligently to build our reputation as the biggest and best hang tab manufacturer in the world. 


With our experience, we have developed the products our customers need, whether they manage a single independent store or own multiple chains. We have also developed products that meet our customers’ specific needs, including loss prevention. In today’s post, we will discuss the security tags we have in our inventory and how they can help with your loss prevention needs.


At SPK Packaging, we don’t just design products and put them up for sale. We take extensive measures to make sure that each of our products performs exactly the way you need them to. This is especially true of our security hang tags. If these tags don’t work properly, then you run the risk of increased loss. This is why you can rest assured that when you order security hang tags from SPK Packaging, your products will be properly displayed and sufficiently secured to help prevent theft. We are dedicated to superior customer service to meet your needs and expectations, no matter what sort of retail hang tags you need for your business. Take a look at our complete line of retail display products by clicking this link.


Products come in all shapes and sizes, so it stands to reason that security hang tags need to come in a number of varieties, as well. We have tabs that can be folded down or up for shipping or hanging purposes, carry handles for transporting bulk items, custom printed hang tags to enhance your branding, and much more to meet your security hang tag needs. Each of these products has been specifically designed and properly tested to ensure they work exactly the way you need them to work. If you have a unique product that needs a hang tab, feel free to Contact Us and let us know about it. Our design team can work with you to design and create a custom hang tag that will successfully display that product.

No matter what your retail hang tag needs may be, SPK Packaging has the experience and knowhow to supply you with the right products to meet those needs. Contact us today!

Something you can hang

tháng 4 26, 2023

 One of the most effective ways to increase the visibility and sales of your products is to hang them using the right hang tab. Hang tabs are small plastic tabs that can be attached to the product packaging and then hung on hooks or pegs in retail displays. They are available in a variety of styles and formats, making it easy to find the right one for your product.


One common item that can be hung using a hang tab is a bag of chips. Chips are a popular snack food that are often displayed on hooks or pegs in retail stores. By using a hang tab, you can easily hang your bag of chips on a hook or peg, making it more visible to customers and increasing the likelihood that they will purchase it.

When choosing a hang tab for your bag of chips, there are several factors to consider. First, you'll want to choose a hang tab that is strong enough to support the weight of the bag. Some hang tabs are designed specifically for lightweight items like bags of chips, while others are better suited for heavier items.

You'll also want to consider the format of the hang tab. Hook hang tabs are a popular option for bags of chips, as they make it easy for customers to select the bag they want from the display. Slot hang tabs can also work well, as they allow you to display the bag vertically and face-forward, which can increase visibility and draw attention to your product.

Finally, you'll want to consider the design of the hang tab. Clear hang tabs are a popular choice, as they won't obscure the branding or messaging on your bag of chips. They can also give a more professional and cohesive look to your display.

In conclusion, using the right hang tab can be a simple and effective way to improve the visibility and sales of your products. For bags of chips, hook and slot hang tabs are popular options that can help increase visibility and make it easier for customers to select the bag they want. By choosing the right hang tab for your product and display, you can create an attractive and effective retail display that drives sales and boosts your brand awareness.

Hang tab with adhesive back

tháng 4 15, 2023
A hang tab with adhesive back is a small, adhesive-backed strip used to display merchandise on a hook or peg in a retail store. The adhesive backing allows the hang tab to stick to a wide variety of surfaces, including paper, plastic, and metal, making it a versatile option for retail display.

Hang tabs with adhesive backs typically come in a variety of sizes and shapes, with options for custom printing and branding. Some hang tabs have perforations or tear-off strips, which can be used to adjust the size or shape of the tab to fit different products or display needs.

Adhesive hang tabs can be a cost-effective and efficient way to display merchandise, as they allow retailers to easily convert products that are not originally designed for hanging into hanging products. They are commonly used in a variety of retail settings, including supermarkets, convenience stores, hardware stores, and more.

Adhesive hang tabs manufacturers

tháng 4 15, 2023
There are many manufacturers that produce adhesive hang tabs for retail display purposes. 

Here are a few examples:

Do-It Corporation: Do-It is a leading manufacturer of hang tabs and display strips, offering a wide variety of sizes and styles for various applications.
Hang Tab World: Hang Tab World offers a range of hang tabs, including clear plastic hang tabs, perforated hang tabs, and printed hang tabs.
PackagingSupplies.com: PackagingSupplies.com offers several types of adhesive hang tabs, including clear plastic hang tabs and euro-slot hang tabs.
StarMarque: StarMarque is a UK-based manufacturer of adhesive hang tabs, offering a range of standard and bespoke options for retail display.
Swing Industries: Swing Industries is a Canadian manufacturer of adhesive hang tabs and display strips, with options for custom printing and packaging.

These are just a few examples of adhesive hang tab manufacturers. There are many others available, both domestically and internationally.
SPK 3M Adhesive Clear Plastic Hang Tabs in Bình Dương.