Self adhesive hang tabs

When you have products that need to be hung from a retail fixture like a peg, but are a little more on the heavy side, you can count on the heavy duty hang tabs from the SPK Packaging Co.,ltd. With designs that have been tried and tested for years, the SPK Packaging Co.,ltd has everything that any retail company can use to ensure that their products are kept aloft when brought into a retail environment. Whatever retail needs our customers have, SPK Packaging Co.,ltd works with them to find the best solution.

Self adhesive hang tabs


Because SPK Packaging Co.,ltd has worked so long in the business of providing quality retail displaying options, we know what it takes to provide a quality product to our customers. Over the years, SPK Packaging Co.,ltd has developed a large variety of hang tabs that can be used for different products as needed. Many of these options are suited for products that require more hold while in stores, making them the perfect Self adhesive hang tabs for your needs. And, if none of our designs end up being exactly what you are looking for, our team is more than happy to work with you to come up with a unique solution to your problem.


Despite the simplistic design of our Self adhesive hang tabs, they are products that have been developed over the years, being perfected with each version that was made for products so they could better serve our customers in the future. Capable of being installed as an independent hold that you attach to your packaging or being implemented into the packaging itself for a clean look, SPK Packaging Co.,ltd’s Self adhesive hang tabs are always a great option. Different designs can hold up to different weights, so once you know how much you need held up, SPK Packaging Co.,ltd can get it taken care of.

With decades of experience crafting quality products and providing the best customer services in the business of retail displaying solutions, SPK Packaging Co.,ltd is your best option for Self adhesive hang tabs. With hang tabs always in stock, our customers know that when they need displaying solutions, they can get the right away for their products. When you want to improve brand awareness and sales of your products, count on the Self adhesive hang tabs by SPK Packaging Co.,ltd to get the job done.

SPK 3M Adhesive Clear Plastic Hang Tabs in Bình Dương.