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Clear Hang Tabs

Clear Hang Tabs

We call them Hang Tabs, SPK Packaging Co.,ltd manufacture them in our factory in Binh Duong Provine and you can find them everywhere on products and packaging.



What is a Hang Tab?

A small Plastic sheet with adhesive backing that turns any packaging or product into something you can hang of a hook, prong or hang strip.








Clear Hang Tabs For the manufacturer:

Incorporating a hangsell hole and flap into your packaging can be expensive and prolong the production line. Some markets or customers may need delta holes, some Euroslot and some circle holes. Manufactures can't design 3 types of packaging so they use different hangtabs for different markets at post packaging.

A manufacturer may design the product for shelf display but have one specific customer, retailer or distributor that requires hang-sell capability. Instead of loosing the customer the manufacturer applied the appropriate hangtab to that particular production run or batch.

Hang tabs on reels are specifically made for this type of customer as it can be incorporated in the automation process. We also supply the application machinery if required.

Clear Hang Tabs For the retailer:

Retailers can save space and have better displays by having products hanged on hooks. If the product is not designed for this then hangtabs do the job.

Some products may have hang-sell capability but not on the side or orientation that the retailer wants. For example a rectangular box may be designed for horizontal display but the retailer wishes to save space by displaying vertically.

Some products may need specific furniture for display that the retailer does not have, so instead they can attach a hangtab and display on hooks. Examples include wrapping paper, sport equipment and gift cards.

Retailers return or discard items on a daily basis due to damaged packaging. In many cases the slot has been ripped or torn off. By using a hangtab retailers can recover thousands in wastage.

Hangtabs allow products to be displayed on hangstrips which utilize previously unused space in stores as well as offering cross sell opportunities.

Retailers can use hangtabs on sheets or pads. We developed hang tab pads specifically for retailers so staff could carry them in their pockets and use as required. The unique adhesive we use ensures that each tab has maximum adhesion while the top surface of the tab underneath is not sticky at all. 

Clear Hang Tabs For the distributor:

Distributors, importers and agents constantly struggle being the medium between supermarkets and manufacturers. Often the supermarket requires specific packaging or hang sell capabilities that the product does not have. By using hang tabs, intermediaries can ensure they get the product in the stores.

Clear Hang Tabs For the printer:

Printers can save time and money by designing the packaging as simple as possible and adding the hangtab at a later stage.

Display manufacturers can promote products on plastic hooks in their cardboard and plastic display stands by applying hangtab to the products.

We manufacture million of hang tabs per year in our facility in Binh Duong Provine. Look around you see if you can spot one of our Hang tabs on a product near you.

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