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Sticky tabs for hanging

What are Sticky tabs for hanging for?

Save countertop space with your store displays by using Sticky tabs for hanging to easily hang small packets and boxes from your merchandising hooks. These euro slot hang tabs are ideal for use on euro hooks and they are supplied with an adhesive backing for a quick and easy application.



How many Sticky tabs for hanging are in a pack?

The self adhesive hang tabs are supplied in boxes of 500.

What products can I use the Sticky tabs for hanging on?

These euro slot hang tabs can be stuck onto just about anything with their self adhesive backing. We recommend them for use on smaller products such as confectionery, however their capability depends entirely on the size and weight of the products you are hanging, and the strength of the merchandising hooks you hang them from. They are great for use as a replacement euro slot tab where the previous tab on the product is damaged.

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