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Hang tab with adhesive back

Thinking of ways to support your product organization? The SPK Packaging’s hang tabs - Hang tab with adhesive back are a great way to create retail displays that not only assist in the amount of product you’re able to put out, but also help with the organization of your displays. The SPK Packaging is no stranger to creating effective and profitable retail display solutions, and we guarantee that our hang tabs will make your displays more organized.

Hang tab with adhesive back - Sorted and contained

Sometimes, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and this applies to retail displays. If you have too many your products crowding a shelf, you can lose visibility of your product in the surrounding items. By hanging your product from SPK Packaging’s dependable hang tabs, you can get the perfect amount out that is visually appealing and noticeable.

Safe organization

When deciding on the hang tab - Hang tab with adhesive back that best suits your products, you can choose ones that not only organize your products effectively, but also keep them safe. The security hang tabs from SPK Packaging give your product packaging the extra seal to keep people from easily opening them, protecting your products. The security tab is more durable than wafer seals and can give you the peace of mind you need while fixing product organization.

Organize different sizes

The SPK Packaging’s hang tabs - Hang tab with adhesive back have different designs made for different sizes of products, so you can get the perfect match to help with your product organization. Whether it’s our hook tabs displaying more than one size or color of the same product, or our round hole hang tabs hanging smaller, lightweight items, there’s sure to be one to help bring organization when hanging your products.

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