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Save Space and Push Sales with Appealing Retail Displays

There are endless strategies that can be applied when it comes to putting products on shelves, but retail displays are at their best when they save space and push sales for the product. When working within a limited space, surrounded by competition, it is important to have a product that stands out and ensures yours is the one that is picked by customers.

When you work with SPK Packaging, unique point-of-purchase strategies are the name of the game. Our retail displays have helped customers with a variety of products to stand out on shelves and make the sale. When you want a retail display to make your products the focus of a customer’s attention, SPK Packaging is the right choice.


Some of the best ways to improve retail displays come from the simplest of solutions. Rather than do big, extravagant displays that cost more than the payoff, sometimes an easier solution can still increase sales without the need for big spending. It often comes down to knowing your products and using their appearance and placement on a shelf to your advantage.

SPK Packaging offers Instant Redeemable Coupons, On-Product Flags, and hang tabs to include extra sales and bundles onto your products. These are simple, stick-on solutions that require very little effort to include on your products before they hit shelves and are sure to improve the interest that customers have in your products.


Having your products displayed on a shelf puts them in front of customers, but adding unique marketing retail displays adds that extra layer of visual appeal to draw in those same customers. When all shelves look the same and products are lined up one after another, it can sometimes be difficult to make yours stand out in any way that catches the eye, but a proper retail display solves this problem with ease.

SPK Packaging has created channel strips for products that let our customers reserve shelf space and draw attention to products through a visual twist on the usual pricing areas on a shelf. A branded channel strip creates a colorful, interesting addition to a shelf that makes customers curious about the product they are placed beneath.

From personalized solutions to general applications of retail displays for products, SPK Packaging has everything that manufacturers need to help their products stand out on shelves. Contact us today to find your unique SPK Packaging solution!

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