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Adhesive hang tabs manufacturers

There are many manufacturers that produce adhesive hang tabs for retail display purposes. 

Here are a few examples:

Do-It Corporation: Do-It is a leading manufacturer of hang tabs and display strips, offering a wide variety of sizes and styles for various applications.
Hang Tab World: Hang Tab World offers a range of hang tabs, including clear plastic hang tabs, perforated hang tabs, and printed hang tabs. offers several types of adhesive hang tabs, including clear plastic hang tabs and euro-slot hang tabs.
StarMarque: StarMarque is a UK-based manufacturer of adhesive hang tabs, offering a range of standard and bespoke options for retail display.
Swing Industries: Swing Industries is a Canadian manufacturer of adhesive hang tabs and display strips, with options for custom printing and packaging.

These are just a few examples of adhesive hang tab manufacturers. There are many others available, both domestically and internationally.

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