Slot Hang Tabs

Slot hang tabs are small plastic or paper pieces that can be attached to a product packaging to allow it to be hung on a display hook or peg. They typically feature a slot through which the hook or peg can be inserted, enabling the product to be displayed vertically and taking up less shelf space.

Slot hang tabs are commonly used in retail environments such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and drugstores, where they allow products to be displayed prominently and catch the attention of shoppers. They are especially popular for products that are sold in bulk, such as small packets of candy or gum, as they make it easy to hang multiple units on a single hook.

Slot hang tabs are available in a range of sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of products, and they can be custom printed with brand names, logos, and other promotional messages. They are typically inexpensive and easy to apply, making them a popular choice for manufacturers and retailers looking to enhance their product displays.
SPK 3M Adhesive Clear Plastic Hang Tabs in Bình Dương.