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Hang Tabs - Durable, Cheap and Easy solution to Hangsell

Hang Tabs, also known as Hang Tags, are small adhesive-backed plastic sheets that transform any packaging or product into something you can hang on a hook, prong, or hang strip. They offer a range of benefits for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and printers:


For manufacturers

Cost-effective alternative to built-in hangsell features: Hang Tabs eliminate the need for expensive packaging modifications, catering to different hole types and market demands with one solution.

Flexibility for specific customer needs: Manufacturers can apply Hang Tabs to individual production runs or batches to meet specific customer requirements without impacting overall packaging design.

Increased efficiency: Hang Tabs on reels integrate seamlessly with automation processes, further streamlining production.

For retailers

Space-saving displays: Hang Tabs maximize shelf space by utilizing hooks and vertical displays.

Adaptability to existing products: Hang Tabs make non-hangable products ready for hanging displays, increasing visibility and sales potential.

Reduced waste: Hang Tabs prevent packaging damage from ripped or torn hangsell slots, minimizing returns and waste.

Creative display options: Hang Tabs enable product placement on hangstrips and other previously unused spaces, creating cross-selling opportunities.

Convenience for staff: Hang Tab pads provide staff with a portable solution for on-demand hanging needs.

For distributors

Ensuring product acceptance: Hang Tabs bridge the gap between manufacturers and supermarkets, ensuring product compatibility with specific store requirements.

For printers

Cost and time savings: Hang Tabs simplify packaging design, allowing printers to focus on efficient production without redesigning for hangsell capabilities.

For display manufacturers

Enhanced product presentation: Hang Tabs facilitate the hanging of products within cardboard and plastic display stands, improving product visibility.

Overall, Hang Tabs offer a durable, cheap, and easy solution for hanging products, providing benefits across the entire supply chain. Their versatility and widespread use make them a ubiquitous tool in the retail and packaging industry.

Do you have any further questions about Hang Tabs or their applications?

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