SPK Packaging has provided hang tab and point-of-sale display solutions since 2017. We have grown into the largest hang tab manufacturer in Vietnam for the packaging and retail display industry. While our product line has expanded to include bottle neck hang tabs, merchandising display strips, and carry handles, our primary focus and strength remains clear: create the world's best hang tabs.

That focus has led us to develop our rigorous hang tab test center. This center has been instrumental in establishing a series of hang tab testing standards and protocols. As a result, you'll know which hang tab will work best for your retail display situation.

In addition, if you need a custom hang tab, we can quickly create a display solution to meet almost any merchandising challenge.

Look through our site to discover how SPK Packaging Hang Tabs and all SPK Packaging Products, can increase your merchandising display options, your product's brand awareness, and your sales — all while reducing your overall packaging costs.


Since 2017, everything we do, from developing a hang tab testing center, to designing and manufacturing a better hang tab, is done to find a better solution to your retail and product display need. Whether you'll benefit from an existing solution or you need us to develop a custom hang tag for your product, we're well-positioned to help you raise your brand awareness, increase your product's visibility, and boost your sales. Here are just a handful of the reasons why SPK Packaging has been able to stay at the top of the hang tab industry for over 5 years.

Custom merchandising display capabilities: If you don’t see the exact retail display solution that you need, we’ll work with you to develop one.
Global shipping capabilities: With distributors in over fifty countries around the world and the ability to ship anywhere, we can service a larger area and a wider market than any of our competitors.
Unparalleled quality and customer service: Call us, talk to us and try our products. We believe that our products and the relationships that we develop with our customers will keep you coming back to SPK Packaging.
SPK 3M Adhesive Clear Plastic Hang Tabs in Bình Dương.