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Adhesive slotted hang tab

An adhesive slotted hang tab is a type of hang tab that is designed to be attached to a product packaging using an adhesive backing. It features a slotted hole that can be used to hang the product on a pegboard or display hook. Adhesive slotted hang tabs are commonly used in retail stores and supermarkets to hang a variety of products such as bags of candy, snacks, and other small packaged goods.

The adhesive backing of the slotted hang tab provides a strong and secure hold on the product packaging, while the slotted hole allows for easy hanging on a pegboard or display hook. The slot also allows for easy removal and repositioning of the product without damaging the packaging or leaving any residue.

Adhesive slotted hang tabs are available in a range of sizes and materials to accommodate different product sizes and weights. They are easy to use and do not require any additional tools or equipment for installation, making them a popular choice for quick and efficient product merchandising.

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