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Plastic hang tab

3M plastic hang tabs are a type of clear plastic hang tab that is manufactured by the 3M company. They are similar to other plastic hang tabs in that they are designed to hang products on a display rack or pegboard, but they are made with a specific type of adhesive that is designed to provide strong holding power.

3M plastic hang tab are often used in retail stores, supermarkets, and other commercial settings to hang a wide range of products such as toys, electronics, and packaged goods. They can be easily attached to the product packaging and provide a strong and reliable hold, ensuring that the product remains securely attached to the display rack or pegboard.

One of the benefits of using 3M plastic hang tabs is that they are designed to be easily removable, allowing the product to be easily taken down from the display rack or pegboard without leaving any residue behind. This is especially important for products that are being sold in bulk or are being rotated frequently, as it allows for a quick and efficient merchandising process.

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