Security Seal Hang Tabs

tháng 3 07, 2022

 As we enter further into a New Year, security hang tabs from SPK Packaging Co.,ltd are a great opportunity for retail companies to increase the effectiveness of their retail loss prevention. If you are the manager of a store, owner of multiple chains, or even a security team member looking for a great suggestion to your supervisors, security hang tabs can be your new way of protecting products in a simple, but effective way.


Security Seal Hang Tabs
Security Seal Hang Tabs


When SPK Packaging Co.,ltd has a hang tab that we think can benefit businesses, they go through our test center to ensure that they are built to work as intended. From short- and long-term hanging tests to custom tests that can help us be certain that specialty tabs are doing their specific purpose, each tab that goes through our hang tab test center is crafted precisely to ensure the best performance. And, by meeting with your team, we can create or determine which hang tab will work best for your product. This dedication to our customer experience and effectiveness of our products is part of what sets SPK Packaging Co.,ltd apart as the premier provider of hang tabs. When you want security hang tabs that have been vigorously tested to guarantee a quality seal on a product, you can count on SPK Packaging Co.,ltd.


Because SPK Packaging Co.,ltd has created security hang tabs of different varieties, there is no product that can be put on a hang tab that cannot receive extra security for your stores. With the ability to fold down for shipping and be folded back up for hanging, our hang tabs don’t get compromised in any way while in transit to your stores, meaning they will always provide the best protection for products, even after shipment. If your products have a top-box opening, but aren’t built for hang tabs, we even create an adhesive plastic strip that is more durable than wafer seals, providing a way to make forcing packages open more difficult, deterring theft. When your loss prevention wants innovative and effective ways to protect products, our security hang tabs can assist.

With the New Year now in full swing, loss prevention teams are likely looking for potential new ways to increase security in stores to lower theft. By working with SPK Packaging Co.,ltd, these companies can find unique and effective solutions using security hang tabs. 

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Hang tab with adhesive back

tháng 10 01, 2021
Thinking of ways to support your product organization? The SPK Packaging’s hang tabs - Hang tab with adhesive back are a great way to create retail displays that not only assist in the amount of product you’re able to put out, but also help with the organization of your displays. The SPK Packaging is no stranger to creating effective and profitable retail display solutions, and we guarantee that our hang tabs will make your displays more organized.

Hang tab with adhesive back - Sorted and contained

Sometimes, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, and this applies to retail displays. If you have too many your products crowding a shelf, you can lose visibility of your product in the surrounding items. By hanging your product from SPK Packaging’s dependable hang tabs, you can get the perfect amount out that is visually appealing and noticeable.

Safe organization

When deciding on the hang tab - Hang tab with adhesive back that best suits your products, you can choose ones that not only organize your products effectively, but also keep them safe. The security hang tabs from SPK Packaging give your product packaging the extra seal to keep people from easily opening them, protecting your products. The security tab is more durable than wafer seals and can give you the peace of mind you need while fixing product organization.

Organize different sizes

The SPK Packaging’s hang tabs - Hang tab with adhesive back have different designs made for different sizes of products, so you can get the perfect match to help with your product organization. Whether it’s our hook tabs displaying more than one size or color of the same product, or our round hole hang tabs hanging smaller, lightweight items, there’s sure to be one to help bring organization when hanging your products.

Hang sell packaging

tháng 10 01, 2021

Hang Tabs With adhesive

Self adhesive clear hang tabs different size. These tabs are an easy to use method of displaying products. They have a strong adhesive and are easy to apply just peel them off the backing sheet and stick to your product and display them at point of sale locations. These tabs are an easy to use method of displaying products and are supplied on sheets . They have a strong adhesive and are easy to apply just peel them off the backing sheet and stick to your product and display them at point of sale locations. Ideal for hanging boxes, bags, smal parcels etc.

Self Adhesive Hang Tabs

- For a quick display solution.
- Sturdy clear plastic
- Strong self-adhesive on one side
- Virtually invisible
- Turdy clear hang tabs with precut butterfly shaped slot
- Strong adhesive back sticks easily to bags or boxes for displaying purpose
- High quality, excellent value.
- Useful in commercial applications or in the home or workshop
- Popular with retail operations that must have inexpensive, functional packaging display
- Put merchandise items on display where they’ll be seen and sold
- Ideal for hanging boxes, greeting cards, bags etc.

Hang Tabs have a thicker hang hole area and thinner adhesive area. This gives FlexiTabs the ability to stick well to curved, uneven, or uniquely shaped packages.

Hang Tabs lie flat for shipping and fold up for hanging in the store – all without increasing master carton or product packaging. Fold-up hang tabs are available in hook, hole and slot hole formats.

Hanger tabs hang on the box

tháng 10 01, 2021

Hang on the box

It has been said that the most expensive real estate in the world is the grocery store shelf. If you sell a product at retail, you know this to be true, and not just at the grocery store, but nearly any retail point-of-sale environment. You have to make maximum impact in minimal space, and your product has to POP!





All SPK Packaging's products are designed to get your products noticed in any retail environment. While we specialize in plastic, self-adhesive hang tabs, we also make merchandising display strips, printed hang tabs hang on the box, shelf wobblers, on-product instant redeemable coupons, carry handles, and promotional bottle neck tabs.

Hang tabs hang on the box and merchandising display strips allow a product to be displayed vertically, face-forward, increasing your product's brand awareness and maximizing your merchandising display options. This means your products can be cross-merchandised or displayed in several different locations within the same store. Putting your product where customers see it increases impulse purchases and overall sales. SPK Packaging's Plastic Hang Tabs are often used to repair damaged packaging in the store, also increasing the likelihood of the product being sold.

When incorporated into your packaging design, hang tabs hang on the box are designed to hang products and reduce or eliminate bulky packaging often required to display products in retail stores. Reducing packaging reduces waste and starts an environmental chain reaction throughout the product package development process. Smaller packages need smaller master cartons, smaller inventory space, and less energy to transport. Less packaging also allows you to display more product in the same amount of space.

SPK Packaging's Hang Tabs can be provided in clear plastic or can be printed. All products can be produced in several plastic and adhesive choices, depending on the performance requirement and customer preference. SPK Packaging's products are safe and FDA compliant for indirect food contact.
SPK 3M Adhesive Clear Plastic Hang Tabs in Bình Dương.