Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Plastic hang tabs. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng
Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Plastic hang tabs. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng

Hanger tabs - Hanging tabs for display

tháng 9 23, 2021

Hanger Tabs Quick Details

Material: PVC or PET plastic
Usage: The small bag, supermarket exhibition shop
Type: Adhesive Sticker
Feature: multiple use
Custom Order: Accept
Place of Origin: Binh Duong provine
Brand Name: SPK Packaging Co.,ltd
Product name: Hang tabs
Size: customize
Advantage: Easy to use
Character: Hang a variety of boxes or bags
Market: Great for supermarket exhibition show
Color: transparent



- Great for showroom,exhibition booth supermaret and more.
- We can produce self adhesive Hanger tabs, material PET, PVC and so on.
-The strong adhesive glue makes ideal for hanging bags or boxes, strong adhesion with.
-Any kind of size and design are available.
- Help to create space for more products with increased facing and lower packaging costs.
- Easy and convenience to install
- OEM is welcomed!

Main Features

a. They help to enhance the attraction of products and promote the sale of commodities.
b. Different thickness, material and design are available.
c. It is easy to use. What you need to do is just stick to the surface of product packing and hang your productsd. The strong adhesive makes ideal for hanging paper bags , paper boxes and other lightweight items. And they won’t fall off easily.

Sticky tabs for hanging

tháng 9 23, 2021

What are Sticky tabs for hanging for?

Save countertop space with your store displays by using Sticky tabs for hanging to easily hang small packets and boxes from your merchandising hooks. These euro slot hang tabs are ideal for use on euro hooks and they are supplied with an adhesive backing for a quick and easy application.



How many Sticky tabs for hanging are in a pack?

The self adhesive hang tabs are supplied in boxes of 500.

What products can I use the Sticky tabs for hanging on?

These euro slot hang tabs can be stuck onto just about anything with their self adhesive backing. We recommend them for use on smaller products such as confectionery, however their capability depends entirely on the size and weight of the products you are hanging, and the strength of the merchandising hooks you hang them from. They are great for use as a replacement euro slot tab where the previous tab on the product is damaged.

3M hang tabs

tháng 9 21, 2021

3M Hang Tabs Display with Confidence

3M Hang Tabs is a great solution for hanging product in retail locations and for in-store repair of damaged packaging. Featuring a clear polyester backing, 3M Hang Tabs is abrasion, split and edge tear resistant while allowing important packaging copy and graphics to show through. It includes a J-hook style hole configuration to encourage item selection from anywhere on the peg.

3M Hang Tabs sticks to most product or packaging surfaces for store display applications

3M Hang Tabs features a biaxially oriented polyester film backing with pressure-sensitive, synthetic, rubber resin adhesive that sticks well to most products and packaging surfaces for display applications. They are abrasion, split and edge tear resistant. 3M Hang Tabs features a consumer friendly, J-hook style hole configuration.


3M Hang Tabs Recommended Applications: 

- Hanging merchandise in retail locations

- Repairing of damaged hanging packaging

- Re-locating product to maximize store shelf space

- Provide versatility in sales displays 

Pre-cut, bendable tab format for convenience and ease of usePre-cut Performance

These pre-cut tabs enable easy manual application and portability. They are handy for hanging retail product as well as for in-store repair of damaged packaging.


Yes, we offer free samples?!
For small inventory samples, you just bear the freight or offer us your express account. For sample making or OEM tooling, feel free to contact SPK Packaging Company Limited for more details. 

What about the payment and refund?
1) We accept T/T. All major credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor ESCROW.
2) Payment verification takes 1-2 days.
3) For damages, as usual, we would arrange several spares to avoid damages issue before shipment, or ship new ones as compensation after you notice us the issue. Any comments, please contact us, we would reply you within 1 day. Please dont leave bad comments or submit a dispute directly without any contact with us.

Clear Hang Tabs

tháng 9 13, 2021

Clear Hang Tabs

We call them Hang Tabs, SPK Packaging Co.,ltd manufacture them in our factory in Binh Duong Provine and you can find them everywhere on products and packaging.



What is a Hang Tab?

A small Plastic sheet with adhesive backing that turns any packaging or product into something you can hang of a hook, prong or hang strip.








Clear Hang Tabs For the manufacturer:

Incorporating a hangsell hole and flap into your packaging can be expensive and prolong the production line. Some markets or customers may need delta holes, some Euroslot and some circle holes. Manufactures can't design 3 types of packaging so they use different hangtabs for different markets at post packaging.

A manufacturer may design the product for shelf display but have one specific customer, retailer or distributor that requires hang-sell capability. Instead of loosing the customer the manufacturer applied the appropriate hangtab to that particular production run or batch.

Hang tabs on reels are specifically made for this type of customer as it can be incorporated in the automation process. We also supply the application machinery if required.

Clear Hang Tabs For the retailer:

Retailers can save space and have better displays by having products hanged on hooks. If the product is not designed for this then hangtabs do the job.

Some products may have hang-sell capability but not on the side or orientation that the retailer wants. For example a rectangular box may be designed for horizontal display but the retailer wishes to save space by displaying vertically.

Some products may need specific furniture for display that the retailer does not have, so instead they can attach a hangtab and display on hooks. Examples include wrapping paper, sport equipment and gift cards.

Retailers return or discard items on a daily basis due to damaged packaging. In many cases the slot has been ripped or torn off. By using a hangtab retailers can recover thousands in wastage.

Hangtabs allow products to be displayed on hangstrips which utilize previously unused space in stores as well as offering cross sell opportunities.

Retailers can use hangtabs on sheets or pads. We developed hang tab pads specifically for retailers so staff could carry them in their pockets and use as required. The unique adhesive we use ensures that each tab has maximum adhesion while the top surface of the tab underneath is not sticky at all. 

Clear Hang Tabs For the distributor:

Distributors, importers and agents constantly struggle being the medium between supermarkets and manufacturers. Often the supermarket requires specific packaging or hang sell capabilities that the product does not have. By using hang tabs, intermediaries can ensure they get the product in the stores.

Clear Hang Tabs For the printer:

Printers can save time and money by designing the packaging as simple as possible and adding the hangtab at a later stage.

Display manufacturers can promote products on plastic hooks in their cardboard and plastic display stands by applying hangtab to the products.

We manufacture million of hang tabs per year in our facility in Binh Duong Provine. Look around you see if you can spot one of our Hang tabs on a product near you.

PET Plastic Hanging Tabs

tháng 9 07, 2021
SPK Packaging, we know that sometimes retail display materials don’t quite cut it for your displaying purposes, and that’s why we offer plastic hang tabs that give extra support where you need it. Reinforcer Hang Tabs from SPK Packaging are the simple-to-use, easy addition that instantly can make a retail display of products more dependable and less prone to breaking because of the weight of your product.

PET Plastic Hanging Tabs


If your product is designed to hang, but is dependent on paperboard to hold it up, then you can certainly benefit from the strength provided by the Reinforcer Hang Tabs from SPK Packaging. Paperboard is a great material to use for general packaging of products, but, as it gets boxed, shipped, and handled within stores, there is a chance that it can rip and tear, leading to your product not having a way to hang anymore. By providing stores with plastic hang tabs, the SPK Packaging gives them a way to ensure that your products still get put on pegs where they belong, with little to no risk of them breaking. Our strong-hold hang tabs are designed to last, meaning your products will hang where needed until sold.


At the SPK Packaging, we craft plastic hang tabs of all different shapes and sizes to ensure that every product gets the dependable hold that it needs. From standard over-the-top Reinforcer Hang Tabs to smaller, more specialized designs, SPK Packaging can work with any business to ensure that their product stays hanging as long as they need it to. And, if we don’t have a design that perfectly matches your product, our design team can work with you to create something that gives you the hold you need.

Providing plastic hang tabs that help any product stay up as intended, SPK Packaging can assist you in finding the best reinforcement for your product’s hanging needs. Contact us and order yours today!



What is your main service?
Our company SPK Packaging ltd. are mainly in line of various store fixtures including hang tabs, hanging tabs, adhesive hang tabs...
Custom design, sample making, wholesale, mix, retail, sample orders are welcomed. Our product can help to improve your sales and routine management effectively.

What about shipping?
We process inventory retail/sample order in 3-7days. Shipping time by express from Binh Duong Provine to most of countries is 10-15 business days. Sometimes, Customs clearance would cost several days more. It depends on your processing. Only some of orders by express (EMS) may need you to process customs clearance. 

Yes, we offer free samples?!
For small inventory samples, you just bear the freight or offer us your express account. For sample making or OEM tooling, feel free to contact us for more details.

What about the payment and refund?

1. We accept T/T. All major credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor ESCROW.
2. Payment verification takes 1-2 days by Zalo/Email.
3. For damages, as usual, we would arrange several spares to avoid damages issue before shipment, or ship new ones as compensation after you notice us the issue. Any comments, please contact us, we would reply you within 1 day. Please dont leave bad comments or submit a dispute directly without any contact with us.
4. Will there be any tax or handle fees on my order?
Most of orders would be deliveried to clients directly. Some orders may need you support to do the customs clearance or pay tax and so on when it reach your country. The tax is charged by your government.  As usually, the carrier would send you email/ message or call you to offer some files like "invoice" to finish customs clearance. You just need to do as they request. If you need us help to make invoice, just leave message to note us.  Before placing order, make sure you know how to handble customs clearance and you clear your government's tax policy. When placing order,  you can leave message to note us your request on packing, shipping, invoice etc. which would avoid any delayed on customs clearance and tax. Some countries like Brazil, Spain are strictly on customs. For any other questions, feel free to let me know firstly.

Merchandise Tabs

tháng 9 07, 2021

Self-Adhesive Merchandise Tabs

We offers a wide variety of similar SPK Packaging Co.,ltd, so you can discover just what you’re looking for. We also have thousands of Bulk Hang Tabs Delta Slotted Self-adhesive Merchandise Package Box Bag Pet Pvc Hangers Peghook Plastic Display Reinforced Tag Promotion, always with the reasonable price and top quality. In addition, you can choose in between the SPK Packaging Co.,ltd price ranges, Storage SPK Packaging Co.,ltd brand names, or Storage SPK specs that you think are crucial for your favorite item.


Clear Large Hanging Tabs Self Adhesive Package Hanger With Hang Tab Sticker.

You can fold this tab or cut to be smaller by yourself. Self Adhesive tape is strong enough to stick on merchandising packing box. 

We also accept customized design and size. The moq is 500 pcs. Feel free to contact us for more details.

If you want other products related to Bulk Hang Tabs Self-adhesive Merchandise Tabs. We also have many attractive items that you might like to see from our related categories of small pet plastic box, merchandise shelves display ideas, pet plastic package, jewerly plastic packaging box, bag packag, display bags merchandise clear, festival merchandise display, lot pet tags, bag gift, bulk blank pet tags, and many more.

Not only we provide you the reasonable price and the good quality of SPK Packaging Co.,ltd, we also wish to match your choices and support you in your shopping of this item by providing you with the impartial Bulk Hang Tabs Delta Slotted Self-adhesive Merchandise Package Box Bag Pet Pvc Hangers Peghook Plastic Display Reinforced Tag reviews and ratings from the true purchasers online.

Self adhesive hang tabs

tháng 9 01, 2021
When you have products that need to be hung from a retail fixture like a peg, but are a little more on the heavy side, you can count on the heavy duty hang tabs from the SPK Packaging Co.,ltd. With designs that have been tried and tested for years, the SPK Packaging Co.,ltd has everything that any retail company can use to ensure that their products are kept aloft when brought into a retail environment. Whatever retail needs our customers have, SPK Packaging Co.,ltd works with them to find the best solution.

Self adhesive hang tabs


Because SPK Packaging Co.,ltd has worked so long in the business of providing quality retail displaying options, we know what it takes to provide a quality product to our customers. Over the years, SPK Packaging Co.,ltd has developed a large variety of hang tabs that can be used for different products as needed. Many of these options are suited for products that require more hold while in stores, making them the perfect Self adhesive hang tabs for your needs. And, if none of our designs end up being exactly what you are looking for, our team is more than happy to work with you to come up with a unique solution to your problem.


Despite the simplistic design of our Self adhesive hang tabs, they are products that have been developed over the years, being perfected with each version that was made for products so they could better serve our customers in the future. Capable of being installed as an independent hold that you attach to your packaging or being implemented into the packaging itself for a clean look, SPK Packaging Co.,ltd’s Self adhesive hang tabs are always a great option. Different designs can hold up to different weights, so once you know how much you need held up, SPK Packaging Co.,ltd can get it taken care of.

With decades of experience crafting quality products and providing the best customer services in the business of retail displaying solutions, SPK Packaging Co.,ltd is your best option for Self adhesive hang tabs. With hang tabs always in stock, our customers know that when they need displaying solutions, they can get the right away for their products. When you want to improve brand awareness and sales of your products, count on the Self adhesive hang tabs by SPK Packaging Co.,ltd to get the job done.

SPK 3M Adhesive Clear Plastic Hang Tabs in Bình Dương.